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Branden Garret is a Slovenian actor, producer, electric guitar player and physicist. Born in a small town Šempeter pri Gorici, Slovenia and raised in Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia and in Stuttgart, Germany. Branden has two sisters and a brother. While growing up he attended music school and played the accordion, after that he also played the electric guitar and performed breakdance and electric boogaloo. He attended TSC high school and later studied electrical engineering and educational physics at PEF and FMF in Ljubljana and achieved masters of philosophy degree in physics at FNM Maribor.

After a few years of working in the field of science, education and electronics he started to feel a call from the inside to shift towards performing arts, film and photogaphy. Searching for a real acting coach he met Janez Vajevec, a direct disciple of Lee Strasberg.  Under his guidance Branden started to study acting technique of Lee Strasberg and became a member of in Slovenia. Branden is very passionate about Lee Strasberg acting technique, where the actor does not indicate his character's experience, but induces it. Due to his work and achievements Branden became a lifelong member of Actor Studio in Slovenia.

Branden's first professional experience in filming were commercials like Ex-Smokers are Unstoppable and a few more different companies like Tilia insurance and Finland Telekom. Branden really enjoyed being in front of the camera and tried acting in films.

His first roles were as an extra in the films Dual and Seduce Me. While working on the set of the film Dual he met director Andraž Šumrada, who advised him to visit Brothers' Vajevec actorstudio. Branden took the advice seriously and started with his acting classes. In this way his love for natural sciences slowly started to shift towards art, especially film. He discovered that he can express himself better as a human being, when on a stage or in front of the camera. 

Auditions brought him new roles. He was cast in various Slovenian indie films such as The Last Man: Mangata, directed by Predrag Radulović and Šuplje Price: Zdej te je, a zdej te ni, directed by Samir Bajrić and produced by Slowlywood. In spring 2014 he was invited to play a supporting role in the film We Will Be World Champions directed by Darko Bajić.

After that Branden desired to explore the entertainment business on the other side of the Atlantic and went to Los Angeles at the call of an agency which is organizing programs for international actors to get discovered in Hollywood. Branden said “This experience was crucial for me. I didn’t sign up with anyone, but I got very good feedback and learned many new things and got a feel for how things work in the entertainment business.” In his second visit to LA he signed with an agent in Beverly Hills .

Branden has also produced short films like In The French Style based on short story by Irwin Shaw, Hills Like White Elephants based on a short story by Ernest Hemingway. In 2013 he also played a thief in an Indian TV series Swathi Chinukulu. Branden was originally scheduled to play Erik in the film Vloga za Emo, but was replaced by actor Vojko Belsak. Next year Branden was cast also for 8th Episode of Season 1 of Slovene TV series Mamin Dan, Obletnica Mature, where he played the role of a guard.

In spring 2015 Branden was invited for an audition for the upcoming trilogy Winnetou. After succesfull audition he officially signed to star alongiside Wotan Wilke Möhring, Nik Xhelilaj and Lazua Larios in RatPack Film Production as Polish worker Tadeusz who moves to the Wild West.

Branden's next project was Slovenian TV series Usodno Vino, where he had a recurring role of gynecologist dr. Jamnik.

Branden is currently living in Los Angeles. He is preparing himself to become a lifetime member of the famous Actors Studio West that was founded in 1966 and is based and modeled on the Actors Studio in NYC. Besides that Branden is also involved in production of the feature film Portman.


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